The Thru Node Runtime (an MFT agent) allows Cloud to Lan or Lan to Cloud file transfers.

Also the Thru Node can transfer files within your enterprise firewall allowing Lan to Lan transfer, yet orchestrated and managed by Thru cloud.

Use the online administration portal to re-configure, pause/resume, restart or update the Thru Nodes.

Configurations are retrieved by the Node via outbound polling using an HTTPS connection.

From this view, nodes can be created using the +Add Thru Node button.

Give the node a name and click Save.

If you click the tri-dot icon under Actions, you can Edit Thru Node, View Associated Endpoints or Delete Thru Node.

To successfully complete node setup, you must configure at least 1 Network Share endpoint. You can add additional Network Share endpoints and associate those endpoints with any Thru Nodes you have created under Thru Nodes.