Endpoints are used by organizations to transfer files to (source) or receive files from (target) other organizations.

Thru supports these endpoints:

  1. External endpoints

  2. Thru Server endpoints

  3. iPaaS connectors

  4. Amazon S3

  5. Azure Blob

  6. Thru Node

Thru defines client and server Endpoints as external endpoints and Thru Server endpoints. External endpoints are when Thru is connecting to an external server using credentials provided by the user. Thru Server endpoints are when Thru is acting as a server for the user. If you’re using a Thru Server endpoint, you’ll need to create a user to access the Thru server.

The Organizational Endpoints dashboard presents a filtered list of all the endpoints associated with a particular organization.

On this page, you can:

  • Create new endpoints for the organization.

  • Enable/disable endpoints.

  • Delete endpoints.

Organizational Endpoints are required to set up a file exchange process in Flow Studio.