External SFTP Server

To create an external SFTP Server endpoint:

  1. Click Organizations.

  2. Select an organization.

  3. Click Endpoints.

  4. Click the + Add Endpoint button.

  5. Enter the name in the Endpoint Name * field.

  6. Select External SFTP Server protocol from the Type * drop-down.

  7. Allow Simultaneous Transfer (disable if the server does not support)

  8. Enter the host information in the Host * field.

  9. Enter the Port * field.

  10. Enter the username for the SFTP site in the User * field.

  11. For Auth type, select User Password or SSH Key.

  12. Enter the password for the SFTP host account in the Password * field.

  13. Select an SSH key from the SSH Keys drop-down if required.

  14. Enter a description for the endpoint.

  15. Click the Save button.

If you don’t see your SSH Key in the drop-down selection, you’ll need to add your SSH key to the organization under Organization - SSH Keys.