External FTPS Server

To create an external FTPS Server endpoint:

  1. Click Organizations.

  2. Select an organization.

  3. Click Endpoints.

  4. Click the + Add Endpoint button.

  5. Enter the name in the Endpoint Name * field.

  6. Select External FTPS Server protocol from the Type * drop-down.

  7. Enter the host information in the Host * field.

  8. Enter the Port * field.

  9. Enter the username for the FTPS site in the User * field.

  10. Enter the password for the FTPS host account in the Password * field.

  11. Select a certificate from the Certificates drop-down if required.

  12. Enter a description for the endpoint.

  13. Click the Save button.

If you don’t see your certificate in the drop-down selection, you’ll need to add your certificate to the organization under Organization - Certificates.

Note : Thru also supports plain ftp automatically when connecting to external servers.

Configure the FTP settings in the FTPS Endpoint type and the Thru client will automatically negotiate the connection to unencrypted FTP servers.

Endpoint codes are created automatically and cannot be edited. The code is located on top right corner of the endpoint page.