Login Page

The login page serves as your gateway to access the Thru site. Your user account will be generated by the site administrator, and a password setup email from Thru will be sent to you for password configuration.

If you have not received a notification to update your password, please reach out to your administrator. They have the capability to reset your password on your behalf.

Input your username and password into the designated fields, then proceed by clicking the "Login" button.

Forgot Username

  1. Click Forgot Username?

  2. Enter your email address.

  3. Click Send.

Important: In cases where you possess multiple usernames for accessing various instances, employing the "Recover Your Username" option will result in an email being sent to you containing a list of usernames linked to a specific email address.

Forgot Password

  1. Click Forgot Password?

  2. Enter your Username.

  3. Click Send.