Thru Server Endpoints

Thru Server endpoints are Thru configuration entities that enable and configure server endpoints in Thru for various MFT protocols and APIs.

Essentially, Thru Server endpoints are when Thru is acting as a server for the user a system or an application. Thru generates a unique URL to connect to when the endpoint is created for the organization.

If using a Thru Server endpoint, a user will also need to be created to access your Thru server.

In this example, we will set up a source Thru SFTP endpoint and create a user to upload files.

  1. Click the Organization tab.

  2. On the Organization you just created, hover over the Actions tab icon and select Endpoints.

  3. Click the + Add Endpoint button.

  4. Toggle to Disable. (if required)

  5. Click on Select Type for the Type * field.

  6. Select Thru SFTP Server from the dropdown.

  7. Enter a description for the Endpoint.

  8. Click the Save button.

Trigger files are required to prevent partial files when using Thru Server endpoints.

Add the Endpoint to a Flow

Navigate to Flows and select a flow. This will automatically land you in Flow Studio.

Click + ADD FLOW ENDPOINT and select the endpoint which was created in the last section.

Now using the Actions icon, select Edit Flow Endpoint Settings.

Add User

  1. Click the Flows tab.

  2. Select the Flow you want to use.

  3. Click the tri dot icon under Actions and select Edit Flow Endpoint Settings for the endpoint.

  4. Click the Users tab.

  5. Click + Add or Edit User.

  6. Enter a username in the Username * field.

  7. Select which Authentication Type *, we will use User Password.

  8. Enter a password in the Password * field.

  9. Click Save.