Alerts allows you to manage all current and historical alerts.

You can filter, list and update alert status to Cleared or Acknowledged.

Alert Activity Page - Alert Activity Filters

Alert Activity Filters include:

Alert Type, Endpoint Code, Flow Code, Organization Code, From (Date), To (Date), and Alert State.

Select the desired filters and click Apply to list alerts.

Alert Activity Page - Column Headers

Alert Activity results column headers include:

FLOW - Name of the flow.
ALERT TYPE - Active or Inactive.
CREATED - Date created.
SEVERITY - Critical (Files Not Delivered) or Warning (Files Are Delivered).
ALERT ID - Identification number of the alert.
ORGANIZATION - Name of the Organization related to the alert.
STATE - Alert State: Active, Cleared, Acknowledged.
DETAILS - Click the link to view the alert information popup box, which includes links to Organization, Endpoint Name and Flow Name so you can resolve the alert.
ACTIONS - Action dots to take action on the alert. By clicking the dots, you can clear or acknowledge the alert.