The Users dashboard displays information on all active users in your instance.

+ Add Users to your instance and manage their settings from the Actions menu.

In the following steps, we will add a User to the instance.

The Users created in the Administration panel are Thru instance users, not Thru Server users who can access a Thru Server endpoint.

Add User

  1. Click the + ADD USER button.

  2. Enter a username in the Username * field.

  3. Enter a name in the First Name * field.

  4. Enter a last name in the Last Name * field.

  5. Enter an email in the Email * field.

  6. Organization Associations - Users can be created and associated to Organizations instead of Thru Instance users. These users will have only read access they can log in, upload and download files and see file activity associated with the Organization

  7. Toggle the user Admin.

  8. Toggle Log Session if needed.

  9. Click Save.

To see a user's history, you must enable Log Session when creating a user.

View User Sessions

  1. Click the Users icon.

  2. Select a User which will display the user Properties.

  3. Select Sessions

You can review other user sessions by selecting a different user.